This photo has not been edited, look closer at the hole


1. Beginning the Dig

Wayne Martin was a proud homeowner who, one day, decided that he wanted to get to work on a huge project that would set his property apart from the pack. This signals the beginning of the dig. His neighbors may have reckoned that he’d gone crazy, but they soon caught up with the fact that he had something amazing in store for his back yard.

What Wayne used this massive hole for is pretty wild, and we love to see someone pull off such an incredible task!



2. Purchasing The Container

Before he even began to dig, he went and bought a 20-foot long shipping container. You know, it’s actually pretty amazing how affordable and easily accessible these things are on the internet.

Anyway, I’m sure all the DIYers among us understand the importance of cost reduction. Projects can easily go beyond budget, but the simple fact that Wayne was able to get this container for a solid price meant that he was well on his way to success.

But what was the purpose of this container? Keep reading to find out!



3. The Seal

After hauling the container home, his first goal was to seal it up tight. He opted to remove the double doors, and he put in an air-tight single swinging door. He made sure that there were absolutely no leaks.

He also made sure that the door swung inwards, not outwards. Now that his single-entry point to the container was secured, he was ready to move onto the next phase of his operation.


4. A Bit Too Small

The first hurdle that Wayne had to overcome was that he dug a hole that was a bit too small. He had to deepen it by two feet to fully fit the container.

Then he made sure that that there was an extra two feet on either side of the container’s intended location and that there was some extra room for the doorway.